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Are you Covered for Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown Losses?

Have you ever wondered what Boiler & Machinery coverage is? Does your district need this coverage? Here are some examples of losses that would usually be covered under this often-misunderstood coverage:

  • Water enters an electrical panel causing a short circuit, disrupting electrical throughout facility.
  • Generator failure damages shafting and windings of an elevator drive motor.
  • Electrical short causes arcing in the control panel of a generator, resulting in equipment damage and an extra expense claim.
  • Power surge electrically damages two chiller compressors, necessitating replacement of both.
  • Power surge damages deep well pump.
  • Controls on hot water supply boiler fails causing water temperature to rise and damages hot water piping in building.
  • Utility transformer suffers electrical damage causing loss of power that results in spoiled food.
  • A short in the winding of a 1500KVA transformer causes a complete shutdown.
  • Irrigation pumps and compressors damaged by power surge.
  • Switchboard heavily damaged and inoperative due to electrical arcing.
  • Park & Recreation steam boiler overheats because of low water condition. Six of 13 boiler sections cracked.
  • Compressor motor burns out, causing loss of air conditioning / heating.
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