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25 Uses of District Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Funds

  1. Eyewash Stations
  2. Dollies, Hand Trucks, Pallet Jacks, and Carts
  3. Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s)
  4. Fire Suppression Systems
  5. Platform Ladders, Cherry Pickers, or Other Safe Reaching Equipment
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Non-slip Flooring
  8. MSDS Management Systems
  9. Grounding and Other Electrical Safety Equipment and Services
  10. Pipe Marking Supplies
  11. Outdoor Lighting
  12. Surveillance Cameras
  13. TargetSolutions Training for Fire & EMS
  14. Insect Repellant, Sun Screen, Burn Cream, etc.
  15. Water Bottles, Shade Tents, and Neck Shields for Outdoor Workers
  16. Walk-off Mats, “Wet Floor” Signs, Caution Tape, Safety Cones
  17. Snow Shovels
  18. Wheelchair Ramps
  19. Credits for the CSD Pool Online University
  20. Rubber Cord Coverings for Floors
  21. OSHA Approved First Aid Kit
  22. Swimming Pool Lifts
  23. Back Belts and Lifting Gear
  24. CPR Dummies and Masks
  25. Wearable Flashing Lights for Road Workers
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