Cover Your Flush

Brochure Examples

Brochure Examples

Your Resource for Preventing Sewer Back-ups

As most sanitation operators know, sewer back-ups are costly and damaging. The Pool alone has paid out $1.8 million in “Not-at-Fault” Sewer Back-up claims, which is just a fraction of the total costs incurred by homeowners and districts alike.

Last year, the Pool created resources that districts can use to educate their customers on the causes of sewer back-up. These resources include information on preventive measures and available homeowners’ insurance options. Better engagement by homeowners could mean thousands of dollars in savings for the Pool annually.

We recently mailed samples of this information to sanitation districts. The “Cover Your Flush” campaign includes websites, flyers, and brochures on sewer-backup prevention designed specifically with Colorado residents in mind. Every element of the campaign includes information on sewer back-up prevention, which items not to flush, the causes of sewer-backup, the steps to take if a sewer backup happens, available insurance options, and an explanation of the financial responsibility for a sewer back-up event.

The verbiage, websites, and collateral are available for all member districts to use and pass out to their constituents. We are ready and willing to customize any aspect of the program for members, including changes in verbiage, graphics, and the addition of your district name and logo. While we cannot post a customized website for you, members are welcome to use anything and everything from the Pool’s site to add to your own or to simply link your customers to it.

Print Versions

The Pool has had a large number of the brochures printed to help provide professional quality versions of the information to your constituents at minimal cost. Having the brochures printed outside your office spares you the trouble, cost of ink and paper, and wear and tear on your office equipment. We have supplied a cost outline on this page if you would like to have the Pool print these on your behalf. As you can see, for larger print jobs, it actually makes sense for us to do a custom job. We can add your district’s logo, name, and make any other edits you would like to the document as part of the cost. If your district would still like to print anything in your own office, and would like an edit made anyway, we would be happy to modify the documents and provide you a PDF version at no cost.

Printing costs for the brochure qualify for the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program. Based upon feedback from members, we have additionally translated the brochure into Spanish and Chinese. If there are other languages you would like, just let us know.

Generic CSD Pool Brochure:
$0.20 per copy + Free Shipping

Customized Version: 
# of copies / Price per copy
250 – 499 (minimum order) / $1.07 ea
500 – 999 / $0.72 ea
1,000 – 19,999 / $0.55 ea
20,000 – 24,999 / $0.15 ea
25,000 – 29,999 / $0.10 ea
30,000 + / $0.08 ea

Now It’s Your Turn

The Cover Your Flush website ( has been expanded to include greater functionality and fresh information. This portal will include links to relevant news articles, links to insurance information, all the information from the brochures, as well as blog postings offering advice for proper sewer line maintenance. While we will be providing a lot of these postings, we would love for our members to provide articles as well. Do you have tips for proper line maintenance? Anything homeowners should or should not do? Is there something your staff sees in the field that they think homeowners should know? We would love to hear it!

We are doing this for you. Feel free to use any of the information in the Cover Your Flush campaign for your own websites and newsletters. We would appreciate any feedback, contributing articles, materials, or helpful tips that will aid this campaign. You can email those to us at

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