New CSD Pool Crisis Response Coverage

Covered Events

Covered Events

Available for Workers’ Compensation Members at No Additional Cost

The CSD Pool’s Crisis Response Coverage is a crisis management and extraction benefit provided through Safety National Casualty Corporation effective April 24, 2014 that is offered exclusively to members of the Pool’s Workers’ Compensation program.

If your district suffers a Crisis Event, we will help you minimize the post-crisis risk to your district, its employees, and those directly involved. This coverage is included at no cost with the Pool’s Workers’ Compensation coverage.

A Domestic Crisis Event occurs when any of the man-made events or natural disasters listed here directly impacts your district’s operations and results in the death of two or more employees.

This coverage also extends to qualifying International Crisis Events, covering the cost of employee extractions from the perils listed here as well as hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, riots, political unrest, or government collapse.

Benefits are paid upon occurrence of a qualifying Domestic Crisis Event or International Crisis Event and must be reported no more than five (5) days after the qualifying event. This benefit can be used for a qualified “Crisis Event” to minimize and help cover the cost of post-crisis risk.

This coverage is included at no cost for Workers’ Compensation members directly involved in the event, with a $50,000 aggregate limit. The benefit also extends to the immediate family of an employee that is directly involved in the “Domestic Crisis Event.”

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