Crunching the Numbers: Making the Most of Pool Programs

The Pool has several programs that offer credits that can reduce the cost of coverage for members, but most districts are not taking advantage of these programs. Many of these programs require only a little buy-in and effort on your part, and can literally save your district thousands of dollars. For more information about any of these credits, contact your broker or visit our website.

Sanitation Maintenance Warranty Program

Most Sanitation districts follow some kind of best practices to help avoid problems in their service lines. Participating districts agree to follow Best Practices for Sanitation operations. This participation saves 30 percent on the Sanitation Liability contribution for your Sanitation operations and can save money for something you may already be doing.

Green Building Upgrades

If your district’s covered buildings suffer property damage and you elect to use environmentally friendly building materials (as rated by the federal government), the Pool will share in the cost of the lesser of $250,000 , or match 50/50, the cost to replace or repair that property with green materials.

Cosmetic Damage Waiver

Hailstorms can cause significant damage, but sometimes that damage is purely cosmetic and does not alter the functionality of the building. This endorsement applies a 5 percent credit to your contribution for all scheduled buildings when you waive filing a claim for repair or replacement of cosmetic damage to your building. This includes an exception to damage to front-entry visibly exposed areas composing less than 25 percent of the roof, but be sure to contact us or ask your broker for more detailed information.

Affirmative Defense Training Credit

The Affirmative Defense Training credit has helped numerous districts save thousands of dollars on their liability coverage. Twelve different safety courses were selected because they represent the leading causes of loss for Pool members. If 80 percent of your district’s employees, volunteers, and supervisors pass just ONE of the twelve courses by September 15 annually, your organization can receive a 5 percent credit on the following year’s Liability contribution. More information about this program will become available in the next issue.

Multi Program Discount

Just as with having your homeowners or personal auto insurance together saves you money, so too can having both Property and Liability and Workers’ Compensation coverages with the CSD Pool. These savings apply to both lines and can save eight percent on Property and Liability and one percent on Workers’ Compensation.

Continuity Credit

Similar to member loyalty programs at businesses, this program offers credits to members who have been with the Pool for an extended period of time. While not a part of this credit, annual allocations to the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant program also increase in size over time.

Supervisor Training Credit

The Supervisor Training Credit arms supervisors and managers with knowledge that helps avert incidents that can lead to claims. There are two routes toward getting these credits:

  1. The first option is to participate in any one of the following workshops: Property and Liability, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, Advanced Property and Liability, and Advanced Human Resources. Our workshops cost $25 per person for Pool members and $50 for non-members. Enrollment and related expenses are eligible for reimbursement of up to $350 through our scholarship program. Visit for more information.
  2. The second option to qualify for the Supervisor Training Credit is to take any four of eight online courses. These courses repeat some of the information from the workshops and can be taken at any time. As with the Affirmative Defense Credit, more information about this program will become available in the next issue.
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