HRSentry is Now the CSD Pool HR Helpline

CSD Pool HR Helpline

CSD Pool HR Helpline

Starting this year, the HRSentry platform has undergone a major transition. It comes with a new name, new features, and an easier to use interface. Powered by consulting company Enquiron, the new CSD Pool HR Helpline is now live and free to all members of the CSD Pool. Below are a few of the key reasons you should check it out.

Monthly Updates

Just like with HRSentry, you can view the latest human resources related headlines from all over the United States. After the upgrade, you can now focus those headlines and updates to only see information relevant to one particular issue, narrow it by when the information was released, and even show Colorado-only updates.

Ask the Expert

Are you thinking about terminating an employee? Have a question about Affirmative Action? Unsure about FMLA rules? Members can now ask experienced employment law attorneys specific questions via phone or through the site and receive specific, attorney-client privileged, and best practice-focused advice with state level distinctions for Colorado employers. The attorneys cover over 50 issues related to employment law and HR and will deliver documented advice no later than the end of the next business day.

State-Specific Information

A state-specific employee handbook building tool provides members with an opportunity to build a handbook from scratch or select individual policies that apply to public entity employers in Colorado.

Upgraded Tools and Resources

The HR Helpline includes the added convenience of easily printable compliance posters that meet state and Federal requirements. Finally, the system also has webinar recordings and Best Practices for HR professionals that will help both new and seasoned human resources staff members remain informed and compliant.

We are very excited to offer this expanded and improved service to you. For access, please visit Your existing credentials for HRSentry will still work, and new users can create accounts at the page.

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