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Is cold weather keeping your employees inside for much the winter?

With winter weather here to stay for the next few months, now is the perfect time to take advantage of free training opportunities that will increase your employees’ skills and knowledge, raise awareness of vital safety issues, and reduce costs for your district.

As you may already know, the CSD Pool’s online training center is now administered exclusively through TargetSolutions. One of the most exciting features of this transition is the addition of a new Training Center uniquely tailored to the needs of water utility districts. The new Training Center features 81 courses specifically designed for water operators and includes more than 100 general safety and HR training modules. Affirmative Defense Training Credit Courses

The best part? This powerful training tool is available to Pool members at no additional cost. In fact, it can even save your district some serious cash, as there are now twice as many available courses that qualify your district for the Affirmative Defense Credit. To qualify, 80 percent of your staff must complete at least one of the courses listed in the box to the right before September 15, and your district can receive a five percent credit on your annual Liability contributions when they’re due the following January.

TargetSolutions offers a robust schedule of courses while maintaining an intuitive, simple-to-navigate user interface. Your employees will find it incredibly easy to complete their training programs, and you won’t believe how simple it is to help improve your safety training programs while saving your district money.

Take advantage of the cold weather season today to prepare your employees for a safer peak season ahead. Visit the Water & Wastewater Training Center now to get started.

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