Let’s Get Started: Welcome to Your New Home for Training

Starting this month, TargetSolutions, which has already been providing training and records management to fire districts for years, has taken over as the Pool’s exclusive online training hub. This represents a fresh start for our training efforts, as logins, records and access to our old Training Center ended on December 31, 2014.

Members were using the old Training Center in better numbers in 2014 than in all previous years combined. Despite that success, we jumped at the opportunity to deliver an improved experience to our members.

This change will represent a number of huge advantages for all members going forward. For those who made use of and enjoyed the old Training Center, you will find a lot more to like about your new home for training.

Freedom to train.

Unlike the previous system, every single course is now free. No more buying credits, no more paying for anything. Your team can complete as much training as you want them to.

We will still feature courses monthly, especially new ones, but your team doesn’t have to stop there. This is a powerful tool, and one available at no further cost to Pool members.

Something for everyone.

We have included TargetSolutions’ EDU catalog, which specializes in training for school districts. Though there aren’t any educational districts in the Pool, there are numerous districts that have libraries, parks, playgrounds, and other facilities and exposures that have corresponding training.

The system also includes numerous human resources courses offering a wide range of topics that perfectly complement our other human resources services.

Easy to use.

The TargetSolutions system is responsive, quick, and easy to navigate. Your employees will find it incredibly easy to get in, conduct their training, and get back to work.
That ease of use carries over to district administration, since assigning training, running reports, and recording offline events will be far easier than before.

In deep for water.

Our old system had thirty courses certified for water and wastewater operators in Colorado. We have a new Training Center exclusively for water utility districts that, in addition to all the safety and HR training, also features more than double the previous number of certified courses for water operators.

Hot for fire.

For Fire and EMS districts not already paying for TargetSolutions, your district and your staff are now welcome in our new member training site. If your district decides to buy its own customized site, your employees, training and records will go with you, and TargetSolutions will unlock its enormous suite of NFPA-certified CEUs for firefighters and EMTs along with its robust ISO, JPR and records retention systems.

If your Fire or EMS district already buys TargetSolutions from us, we have good news. This unification means that the TargetSolutions system you are already using will now be used to track our training credits, so you will not have to use two systems to take advantage of those savings, which in turn could help finance your customized site.

Turn training into money.

Our Training Credit programs will now be executed through this system, and with this change, we are more than doubling the number of courses available for the Affirmative Defense Credit. Remember, just 80% of your staff needs to complete just one of these before September 15, and we give you a 5% credit on your Liability contributions.

Information on the Supervisor Training Credit is forthcoming, so keep your eyes on the website or the next newsletter for more information.

Elective success.

Within the year, TargetSolutions will be adding numerous elective courses to its catalog specializing in topics like stress management, personal wellness, computer skills, and professional development. These, too, will be free and available on the Training Center, the Water & Wastewater Training Center, and on every Pool fire district training center.

Let’s roll.

Ready to start learning? Visit the links below and click “New User” to create an account and start training. If your district is not listed or if you would like to set up district administration of the system, contact us. Need some help getting started? Our new online training provider, TargetSolutions, hosted an informative webinar that helps get new users acquainted with the  system. You can view a recording of the webinar here.

Member Training Center

This training center is for all non-water utility districts, excluding all Fire & EMS districts with their own TargetSolutions site. Course Listing – All Entities

Water & Wastewater Training Center

This training center is for all water and wastewater utility districts and contains OCPO-certified courses (Courses certification information is not yet available, check back for more details.) Course Listing – Water and Sanitation

Fire & EMS Training Centers

Districts with their own customized TargetSolutions site should log in as usual, use this link for information on how your district can have its own custom site loaded with hundreds of hours of NFPA-certified training and JPR and ISO tracking features. Course Listing – Fire EMS

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