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New Group Purchase Vendor: FireCatt

The Pool is proud to announce that FireCatt, which uses exclusive industry-leading technology to test fire hoses and ladders, has been added to our Group Purchase Program.

Pool fire districts (or any member district with a fire hose) are eligible for a 15 percent discount on FireCatt’s services. This is in addition to up to 50 percent reimbursement through the Safety Grant program.

FireCatt has the first and only patented technology in the nation for fire hose testing. They are the only hose testing company that controls the test process via computer. No other company in the industry can promise this level of precision and safety.

For more information visit our webpage at For more information about FireCatt’s services visit or call Marc Radecky at (248) 643-7200.

You can also view their one-page info sheet by clicking here: CSD FireCatt Ad.

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