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Safety Grant Update

Since its inception in 2010, the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program (S&LPGP) has reimbursed Pool members more than $834,000 for the purchase of goods and services that are determined to prevent covered losses.

The program has steadily grown in utilization since 2010, and we are now averaging nearly 22 grant applications per month. In fact, the Pool paid out $329,095 for 261 approved applications in 2014 alone, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of all funds that have been paid out in the 5 years since the program was launched.

Members have been reimbursed for a wide variety of safety and security equipment and training materials. Many members have purchased security and surveillance systems to protect valuable assets that could commonly be targeted for theft.

Fire protection services have purchased state-of-the-art extrication tools to assist at dangerous accident scenes, testing equipment to ensure that their firefighters are maintaining optimal fitness levels, and even snowplows to make sure their firefighters can respond quickly and safely to emergencies regardless of weather conditions.

Water filtration plants have upgraded their outdated respirators and purchased chlorine gas valve closures to prevent back, neck, and shoulder injuries from previously having to manually turn hundreds of valves.

Parks and Recreation districts have constructed roof extensions to prevent slips and falls from icy walkways and replaced potentially hazardous stairways that were in desperate need of repair.

A popular extension of the grant program is our Group Purchase Program, which can help your safety and loss prevention dollars go even further. Members with available Safety Grant funds can purchase goods and services through Conney Safety, Red Wing Shoes, and TargetSolutions at a discount, and then submit these discounted purchases for up to 50 percent reimbursement.

Fund allocations to members are determined by using a sliding scale based on longevity in the Pool and past contributions, so all Property & Liability and Workers’ Compensation (WC) contributions play a role in determining available funds for each member. The balance for grant allocations in 2015 will be approximately $1.85 million with balances being adjusted once final WC Audits are fully reconciled in March. Every qualifying district has a Safety Grant balance, which can aid in funding safety, training, and loss prevention.

As you can see, there are virtually no boundaries to the safety projects your district can be reimbursed for provided that they are legitimate expenses that improve safety, promote education, or prevent loss.

For more information about the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant program, please visit

Time is Running Out on 5-Year Old Safety Grant Funds

This Spring will be the first in which Safety and Loss Prevention Grant allocations older than five years drop off districts’ balances if not used. If your district has had funds since then and never used them, you risk losing those funds. Any district that has used a sum greater than their first year’s allocation will not be affected.

We will be reaching out to all affected members shortly, but don’t delay. Since this will be an annual consideration going forward, it is best to continue to draw on those funds as they become available.

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