Welcome TRISTAR! Your New Claims Administrator

On January 1, 2015, the CSD Pool completed transitioning its claims administration to TRISTAR Risk Management (TRISTAR). This change will enable the Pool to provide greater service and data analysis to its members. This will mean better loss controls and better risk management, which could lead to better control of rates in the future.

The Pool’s Board of Directors made this change because they are constantly looking for ways to enhance member experience. This includes assessing opportunities for more advantageous partnerships with service providers. We are confident about this change and the opportunity for members to benefit from the available state-of-the-art technology and efficiencies TRISTAR has to offer.

The Board underwent a rigorous vetting process in 2014, sending out a Request for Qualifications and carefully considering proposals from numerous companies. TRISTAR was selected for a number of reasons, including proven technology that will both enhance service and access to data. One of the other major selling points was a phone intake system that is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call in a claim any time.

About Your Claims Administrator

TRISTAR Risk Management is the largest privately held national property and casualty third-party claims administrator in the industry. Founded in 1987, it has nearly 1,000 employees in offices throughout the United States, including CSD Pool staff members in Denver. The Pool will have a dedicated unit, so our members’ claims will get the full attention of the claims adjusting team.

Moving Forward

Prior to this change, Pool members had to call one of seven phone numbers to file a claim, depending on the type of claim, time of day, and line of coverage. Now, members dial just one number, our toll free phone number 800-318-8870 ext. 1, to file claims. This should streamline the process for filing claims and make it easier to keep track of contact information.

In order to make this transition easier, we have also scheduled workshops and webinars to help members learn these new systems and become acquainted with the new Pool claims staff. To view a list of these events and register, visit our website at newsletter.csdpool.com/events.

New Flip Charts and Accident Packets

Given this change in claims provider we have updated the Claims Procedures Quick Guide. This easy to use flip chart will help districts to:

  • Report claims and information quickly and accurately
  • Avoid making any admission of fault
  • Mitigate and  prevent further loss or damage

The Quick Guide offers guidance for virtually any kind of claim—property damage, auto accidents and employee in-jury. It also has a directory of our programs and services.

With this information conveniently organized in one place, the Quick Guide is an invaluable tool in both navigating the claims process and making the most of our services.

If your district received the first version of our Quick Guide flip chart you will automatically receive an updated copy. Be sure to discard the old versions, and contact us to request additional copies of this or any of our other publications.

We are also updating our automobile accident packets. These will be sent out to all members within the coming weeks. We have made a few big changes so that you can easily identify which to throw out, and which to keep. The new accident packet is white with a QR code. Be sure to discard your old flip charts and accident packets right away, since they contain obsolete information.



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