Affirmative Defense Training Isn’t Just an Easy Way to Save 5% on Liability Coverage, It’s Also Your Responsibility

Your district probably has a policy against things like sexual harassment and discrimination. But if you aren’t putting your staff through periodic training on these topics, your district can be held liable for them under Federal statute.

As a leader of your organization, requiring this training is a part of your responsibility to ensure those things never happen. We provide a free platform for you to deliver this content to your staff, and even incentivize your district to do so by offering our Training Credit programs.

Last year, two dozen districts utilized our Training Credit Programs, saving them tens of thousands of dollars on their Liability coverage costs. It was a banner year for those programs, with districts qualifying for the credit as early as June despite the September 15 deadline.

This year, things are different. Starting back in January, we moved our Training Center to a new platform which we hoped members would find easier to use. In just a few short months, the new Training Center has already had more active users than our old system, and three districts have qualified for the Training Credits before the end of February—months ahead of the previous year.

If your district has never participated, now is the time to get started. These credits are easy to obtain, are a huge training opportunity for your staff, and can mean significant savings for your district.

The first step to make sure your participation is counted is to take a brief survey that gives us your headcounts. The survey is available here.

The next step is to have your staff complete the requirements detailed on page 7. You will find links to this information, as well as login links for the Training Centers where your staff can create accounts here.

There is absolutely no cost to your district for participating in this program. You only stand to save money.

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