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What Will Your Safety Committee Buy?

We have already made deposits to the accounts of all districts that are eligible to receive grant funds through our Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program, and checks are in the mail. While they’re not real checks, they’re just as good as real money. Every spring, we send oversized checks to members indicating their new Safety and Loss Prevention Grant fund balance. This is one of the CSD Pool’s most popular programs, but for the uninitiated, here’s how it works:

  1. Your district buys products that improve safety at your workplace. We aren’t strict about this. Your purchase just has to reasonably prevent some kind of potential accident from taking place
  2. Go online and submit your application and invoices at
  3. We will process your application, seek the approval of your district’s representatives, and then issue your district a check for up to 50% of the purchase amount, depending on your fund balance

This program can provide your district with the opportunity to make improvements that may not have otherwise been possible. Here are a few real life examples of purchases that have been reimbursed through the program:


For the last few years, Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District has been using the Safety Grant program to reduce their cost of TargetSolutions’ NFPA-certified Fire & EMS Training. This has helped them obtain wildlands, hazardous materials, and EMS CEU training at a fraction of the cost.

Theft Deterrence

East Routt Library District purchased an RFID system to help them track materials, prevent loss, and process books. Theft deterrents–including surveillance cameras, fencing and other security measures–are eligible for the program since they reduce the risk of a loss.

Safer Building Improvements

Arapahoe Park and Recreation District had anti-slip tile flooring installed in locker rooms and bathrooms. This district already had numerous caution signs warning about wet floors, but this additional measure helped reduce the risk of both Liability and Workers’ Compensation claims.

Occupational Safety Equipment

West Metro Fire Protection District purchased several ambulance loaders which help their EMTs lift patients into ambulances without the risk of back injuries. Not only does this make the EMTs’ job safer, but it also means that they can focus on patient care rather than worrying about injuring their backs.


Last year, City of Cherry Hills Sanitation District, among others, utilized the Safety Grant program to help pay for the printing and distribution of Cover Your Flush brochures. This provided CCHSD’s customers with information about the proper care of their plumbing systems and about insurance options available to them in case of a backup.
When your check arrives, make sure it gets to your district’s Safety Committee so they can decide what type of improvements or purchases would best help your district become a safer environment for employees and visitors alike.

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