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Our Water and Wastewater Training Center has received a major upgrade. Members can now manage their water operators’ credentials from this system, and their employees can maintain their licenses by getting Training Units (TUs) from this system at no cost. The training has been approved by the state Operator Certification Program Office, and is ready to go right now.

The Training Center, powered by TargetSolutions, can now help water and sanitation districts complete their mandated training more efficiently by giving them the ability to track certifications, create job specific training tracks, and bundle activities together while simplifying training management.

This should make managing your operators’ licenses far easier than before. You will be able to make note of the training your operators receive in classrooms alongside the TUs they receive inside our system.

Our system offers TUs that satisfy the following certifications:

Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Water Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T
  • Wastewater Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T

Collection and Distribution

  • Collection System Operator Class 1-4
  • Distribution System Operator Class 1-4


  • Industrial System Operator Class 1, A-T
  • Industrial System Operator Class 2, A-T

More Information
We will be hosting webinars soon on how your district can start using this system to manage your credits. Please visit for a calendar of events or email to request more information.

In the mean time, your operators can start training right now, and if you set up your tracking afterward, their TUs will still be reflected in the system. This is an tremendous benefit for water and wastewater members. Be sure to let us know if you have any feedback about this program.

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