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President Stan Gengler Retires, Ending 20 Years of Service on the CSD Pool Board

December 2015 marked the end of an era for the CSD Pool, as Stan Gengler’s 20-year run as a Pool Board Member came to a close. Gengler, from the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD), had been the Board’s President since 2007.

In the two decades under Stan’s leadership, the Pool experienced steady growth in its membership as well as the programs and services provided. Today, the Pool serves over 1,300 districts across the state.


“Stan has been an absolute pleasure to work with. For over two decades, he has been a dedicated and invaluable Pool Board Member whose professionalism and leadership abilities are second to none,” said Pool Administrator Joe DePaepe. “The entire Board greatly admires Stan’s ability to deliver the Board to consensus as we navigated the challenges and opportunities that arose through years of exceptional growth. He will be sorely missed.”

To fill the vacancy left by Gengler’s retirement, new Board member Terry Nolan, General Manager of Highlands Ranch Metro District, was appointed to the Pool Board for a term beginning in January, and a new President will be selected from the current Board Members.

Gengler served as the executive director for Estes Valley Recreation and Park District for 23 years. Through his dedication, responsibility and commitment, Gengler helped transform the nearly bankrupt district into a financially solvent and highly respected organization. In the history of his time with the district, he never missed a single board meeting, and there were well over 600.

To recognize Stan’s outstanding efforts, he was honored by the Special District Association of Colorado with their Manager of the Year award at its 36th annual conference in 2011. The award is presented each year to a special district manager who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and service to their district.

As an outstanding leader, Gengler cultivated a workplace ethic that stressed excellence and encouraged the growth of quality managers at his district. Stan is also a gifted grant writer, organizer, and fundraiser, securing financial support from many sources which assured the completion of several major projects for EVRPD that would not have existed otherwise.

We’re grateful to Stan for all of his hard work and dedication over the years. Join us in congratulating Stan on moving on to the next chapter in his life.

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