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Welcome to the Next-Generation eRiskHub®

The dangers of data breaches are far reaching, and the severity of them are being felt at all levels. You hear about the large ones like Anthem, Target and Sony, but in reality, any organization that houses valuable information is a potential target from a range of vulnerabilities, from hackers to rogue employees. In this first article for Cyber Risk Awareness Month, we will focus on the eRiskHub, how it can help your organization be more proactive in your cyber security, and how it can assist if you suspect a breach has occurred.

All members have access to the eRiskHub, and if you have not registered for access, we recommend you do so today.

The eRiskHub serves two purposes. Click on the Incident Roadmap to familiarize yourself with proper steps to navigate a breach event. Also included is a free initial call to our Breach Coach, a cyber-focused attorney, who can guide you through the noise of dealing with a suspected breach. The rest of the eRiskHub is geared towards education and decreasing your overall cyber risk exposure, and is broken up into the following sections:

Security & Privacy Training – An overview of best practices for creating an effective security training program for your employees.

News Center – Keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world of cyber risk through handpicked articles, feeds and blogs.

Learning Center – An extensive collection of white papers, articles, webinars, videos and blog posts on a variety of topics. Looking for something specific? Try the search box in the top right of the page to search the entire eRiskHub.

Risk Manager Tools – A collection of tools with many different purposes such as researching known breach events, calculating your potential cost of a breach event and downloading free sample policies your organization can use as templates. Stay tuned as eRisk Hub’s next blog post will delve deeply into this section!

eRisk Resources – Information on third-party vendors that can assist your organization with improving your overall cyber risk.

This service is free to all members of the CSD Pool. To access eRiskHub, visit New users can use code 09746 to open an account.

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