Meet Adam Johnsen, the Pool’s New Safety Management Consultant

The CSD Pool is proud to announce the addition of Adam Johnsen to its team as your new Safety Management Consultant. Adam has eight years of safety experience, having served in safety roles for numerous large infrastructure projects throughout the United States and Canada including several in Colorado. He carries the Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) designation from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and is currently seeking several more certifications.IMG_1272 edit

Adam is a graduate of Central Washington University where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Safety and Health Management. He brings a wealth of expertise in industrial safety and risk management to the Pool and we are excited to have him on our team. We are confident that he will help us to continue to refine and enhance our existing programs and services.

In the next few months, Adam will begin working with members to establish safety committees, and work with existing committees willing to share their expertise with other Pool members. He will also be working with various members to help script new best practices and shake down existing procedures for possible safety exposures. Adam has also been tasked with creating new webinar and workshop content to help bring these principles to more Pool members throughout Colorado. Perhaps most importantly, Adam will spend the next few months getting to know you, your operations, your teams, and your mission.

Adam is excited to start working with the Colorado special districts because he feels his skill set is perfectly matched to the Pool and its goals. We asked him what skills and abilities he has that will be the most beneficial to Pool members. He thoughtfully indicated, “I think that of all my specialties, hazard recognition, experience leading teams, developing safety committees, safety planning, developing safety plans, and conducting training are the best places my skills and the Pool’s needs coincide.”

It isn’t enough to just build a safety culture or a best practice, as Adam points out: “I have a lot of experience setting groups up to not just write, but actually maintain their best practices, and that experience cuts across different industries and disciplines.” With that interdisciplinary experience in mind, Adam is well suited to assist the myriad types of entities that make up the CSD Pool.

In the long term, we are looking to Adam to help the CSD Pool reduce its incident rates for all lines, especially workers’ compensation, to levels below the national average. Currently, the Pool has safety rates that are left wanting when compared to private industry or even other public entities nationally. If we can get those rates to fall below the national average, the result will be a safer workplace for every employee and lower contributions for all members.

Please join us in welcoming Adam aboard! Adam can be reached at

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