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New Safety Grant Fund Allocations Available Now

Each year, the Pool allocates additional Safety and Loss Prevention Grant funding to members. These allocations are available now and you may have already received an email notifying you. As a reminder, the Safety Grant program reimburses qualifying members up to 50% of the cost of a purchase that reduces the risk of a covered loss.Safety Grant Cash

There is a wide variety of qualifying products and services your district can buy. Some examples include anti-virus software, safer slip-resistant flooring for locker rooms, sewer video equipment for sanitation districts, security cameras or video monitoring equipment, and ADA-compliant pool lifts, personal protective equipment, and so much more.

Remember, if your district does not use its funds within five years of allocation, they’ll expire. Get spending now and request your reimbursement at, or contact us at to inquire about your current balance or seek pre-approval if you’re unsure whether or not a purchase might qualify.

Below is a list of items that other districts have recently purchased and been reimbursed for, by line of coverage:


ADA Compliance Upgrades
Anti-Virus Software
Computer Security Upgrades
Human Resources Seminars
Non-Slip Floor Mats
Online Security Audits
Sewer Video Equipment
Slip Resistant Flooring
Smoke Alarms
Swimming Pool Lifts
Walk-off Mats
Warning and Safety Signs
Wet Floor Signs
Wheelchair Ramps


Amber Lights for Vehicles
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Suppression Systems
Hazardous Materials Storage
Improved Door Locks
“No Trespassing” Signs
Outdoor Lighting
“Restricted Area” Signs
RFID Anti-Theft Systems
Security Doors
Security Systems
Surveillance Cameras
Xeriscaping for Wildfire Mitigation


AED “Smart Pad” Cartridges
AED Machines and Training
Ambulance Lifts
Anti-Bacterial Ointments
Anti-Fatigue Mats
Arc Flash Kits
Back Belts
Caution Tape
Chemical Safety Equipment
Cherry Pickers
Cold Weather Gear
CPR Dummies
CPR Face Masks
CPR Training Classes
Dust Masks
Ear Plugs
Electrical Safety Gear
Emergency Food and Water
Emergency Rescue Tools
Ergonomic Office Equipment
Equipment Repairs
Evacuation Rally Point Signs
Excavation Safety Equipment
Eye Safety Gear
Eyewash Stations
First Aid Kits
Gas Detectors
Hand and Finger Safety Gear
Hard Hats
Headphones for Webinars
High Visibility Apparel and Gear
Hot and Cold Paks
Insect Repellent
Ladder Upgrades
Life Preservers
Lifting Gear
Neck Back Boards
Neck Shields for Outdoor Workers
Pallet Jacks
Personal Protective Equipment
Protective Eyewear
Road Flagging Gear and Training
Rubber Cord Walk-over Covers
Safety Committee Promo Items
Safety Cones
Safety Training Courses
Shade Tents
Steel-Toed Boots
Sunburn Cream
Sunscreen for Outdoor Workers
UV or Blue LED Blocking Eyewear
Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation Systems
Walkie Talkies
Water Bottles for Outdoor Workers
Wearable Flashing Lights
Wellness Programs

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