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Ask the Experts: Savings for Sanitation Districts

My sanitation district also participates in the Training Credit programs, but are there other savings for sanitation districts?

The answer here is also yes! In fact, if your sanitation district is not participating in the Sanitation Maintenance Warranty (SMW) Program, you are missing out on a big one! For several years now, participating members have received a credit on their Liability contribution for sanitation operations just by following protocols they may have been using already.

The SMW outlines minimum standards and practices your district must have in place to receive the discount. These are Colorado best practices, developed by CSD Pool members, and you may already be adhering to most or all of them. Also, your district develops its own time lines and operations for the regular cleaning and maintenance of sanitation lines. In the event of a sanitation overflow or backup caused by negligence of the district, there would be no penalty if the district has maintained compliance with 90% of your own written plan. If, however, maintenance records indicate you are not in compliance, the district would face a higher deductible as its share in the claim.

Many members have seen significant cost savings by simply adhering to their existing maintenance schedule. For more information, contact us.

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