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Knowledge is Power: TargetSolutions Upgrades for Every District


Making the most of TargetSolutions can mean big savings and big wins for your district.

This year, the Pool’s Training Credit programs had the best participation ever. Dozens of districts qualified for the credits by having thousands of employees complete training. This will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars on their collective Liability contributions for 2017.

The tracking period for this year is over, but that just means the next one has just begun. Your district can start training today to qualify for the next year’s training credits. To get started for next year, start by filling out this year’s intake survey.

Making the Most of Training

This year also marks the first time districts other than fire services have opted to have their own dedicated TargetSolutions site. For non-fire districts, since there is no additional training to include, the costs for this are greatly reduced at a staggeringly low $395 a year. TargetSolutions would charge non-CSD Pool member clients thousands (maybe even more than a hundred thousand) for what we are essentially offering at $198 once you factor in the Safety Grant program.

While every district can currently take advantage of the free training sites, having your district opt for its own has some definite advantages. The table on page 21 goes over some of those, but if you aren’t sure if those things are valuable to you, here’s some more food for thought.

Your district may be a good candidate for a standalone version of TargetSolutions if any of these are true:

  • You have a large staff
  • You want to remove the requirement that every account have an email address
  • You want to organize your team into departments, rather than have them all inhabit one group
  • You need a system to track when employees acknowledge new policies, corrective actions, performance reviews, etc.
  • You want to upload training (documents, online courses, videos, etc.) that you made in-house and do not necessarily want viewed by the entire Pool
  • You want a customized website with your own logo and dedicated web address
  • You want certain TargetSolutions or CSD Pool courses removed or accessible on assignment only


If any of that is true, and you are interested in talking more about how this works, contact us at CSD Pool.

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