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Meet TRISTAR Property Claims Adjuster Nella Rosales

The Pool has added numerous new faces over the years, and we would like members to be able to put a face with the names of the people who work on behalf of the Pool behind the scenes.

Nella Rosales is the Property Adjuster for the CSD Pool. She has more than 12 years of experience adjusting property claims. Nella is known for her adherence to best practices and for consistently delivering the highest quality work.

Her broad spectrum of skills include coverage determinations, damage evaluations, salvage activities, identification of subrogation potentials, estimate approvals, and assurance of proper claims payments.


Nella Rosales, Property Claims Adjuster

Nella’s background is in construction, where she prepared and executed bids. This included project management, budget planning, and more. Her insurance career began as a property claims adjuster with Allied/Nationwide Insurance. Later at VeriClaim, she managed claims from catastrophes like hurricane Katrina and super storm Sandy.

Ms. Rosales attended Technical University A.J. Sucre in Venezuela, and has a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. She has certifications in earthquake damage and reconstruction, commercial rooftop assessments, hail damage, and NFIP flood certifications. Ms. Rosales is bilingual and an asset to all of her customers.

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