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Meet TRISTAR WC Claims Supervisor Nancy Gay

The Pool has added numerous new faces over the years, and we would like members to be able to put a face with the names of the people who work on behalf of the Pool behind the scenes.

Nancy Gay is the Workers’ Compensation Claims Supervisor working on the CSD Pool at TRISTAR Risk Management. Nancy has over 27 years of workers’ compensation claims experience. Her experience includes employer, carrier and TPA perspectives, so she understands the issues from every point of view.


Nancy Gay, Workers’ Compensation Claims Supervisor

In addition to claim experience, Nancy also has extensive integrative claim handling experience including handling short and long term disability claims. She is responsible for supervision of numerous aspects of the claims process.

She has excellent communication and leadership skills as well as initiative and a strong desire to help members succeed. Legal counsel and medical providers recognize her as an expert in the industry. She is a member of the Colorado Self-Insurers Association, Colorado Public Risk Management Association, and Rocky Mountain Risk Management Society. She participates in legislative meetings and continuing education with respect to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. Ms. Gay obtained her Bachelor’s degree from National American University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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