New Group Purchase Discount Program: Elite Sports University


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Elite Sports University (ESU), an online training platform that offers the latest curricula on strength and conditioning, speed, agility, and nutrition. ESU also offers specialty classes for coaches, long-term athlete development and personal trainer recertification. As part of this partnership, they are offering their training videos and platform to CSD Pool members at a discounted rate.

ESU’s program includes a wellness program designed to assist firefighters in maintaining fitness criteria necessary for their jobs. Exercise is an important part of a firefighter’s effort to stay fit for duty, however many firefighters have been injured during non job-related exercise activities. Bench pressing weights in excess of 500 pounds is impressive, but not a part of anyone’s job performance requirements. ESU additionally offers a package called “The 911 Tactical Performance – Health, Wellness & Injury Prevention Program for First Responders.” It includes a series of courses that will help your crew hone their physical fitness. The knowledge these programs impart can help them maintain readiness while lessening the risk of injury.

These conditioning, nutrition, and wellness courses are not just for firefighters. Any district can take advantage of these discounts to improve their organization’s overall wellness. ESU’s instructors are experts ranging from Olympic trainers and physicians, to sports therapists and college coaches. Whether you are an expert in physical fitness or someone looking to improve their own wellbeing, there is something for you. Additionally, some ESU classes can count towards fulfilling continuing education unit accreditation requirements for personal trainers or as college credits.

Elite Sports University will be offering these exclusive rates to CSD Pool members:

  • 911 Tactical Training – Full Course (non-Continuing Education Unit): $120
  • 911 Tactical Training – Full Course (Continuing Education Unit): $340; pricing reflects exclusive 15% discount to members
  • 15% discount off of every course purchased

ESU is constantly updating their training curriculum with new sessions utilizing industry-leading instructors. Their pro membership includes new video discussions every week in which new concepts are discussed. You can access the discount at This training also qualifies for the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program.

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