The Top Ten Reasons Why Your District Won’t Focus on Training This Year

There are so many obvious reasons why your district could be focused on training this winter. For example, since a lot of outdoor work is out of the question, it is a great way to stay productive during down time.

From an important budgetary aspect, you can get a head start on qualifying for the Training Credit programs. This can take up to 10% off your Liability coverage. With a little effort, that program can have a tremendous positive impact on your district’s bottom line. For help or information about that program, visit our website.

Lastly, if your district has any employees who need to maintain human resources, water operator, firefighter, EMT, personal trainer, or any other continuing education requirements, this is the best time of year for them to accomplish that.

It goes without saying that for almost every type of district, this is the best time of year to get that done. Even if your district doesn’t have relative down time in the winter, it is still a great idea to start early and not have to rush at the last minute during the summer.

Since there are so many obvious reasons to do this, we wondered if there were any good reasons not to. We came up with a few good ones. They would be pretty good reasons… if they were true at your office.


Here’s a roundup of new and updated courses added to TargetSolutions in the last few months.

School Bus Behavior and Discipline UPDATED

  • Member site only
  • Managing students of differing ages, needs, and abilities, including those with special needs
  • Effective behavior management
  • Methods of communication
  • Common bus rules and policies
  • Strategies to avoid and resolve conflict
  • Great for: Library, Metro, and Park districts

Targeted Violence Considerations NEW

  • Member site only
  • Profile of active shooters
  • Preparing for targeted violence
  • Components of an action plan
  • Interacting with first responders
  • Great for: Library, Metro, and Park districts

Water Industry Mathematics Basics UPDATED

  • Water site only
  • The definition of key mathematical terms
  • Basic mathematical concepts in domestic and industrial water problem settings
  • How to perform diurnal calculations based on diurnal graphs
  • How to execute proper well operation calculations

Introduction to Understanding the Rights of LGBT Students NEW

  • Member site only
  • Identifying and analyzing your own belief system
  • Familiarizing yourself with LGBT-related terms
  • Describing what an ally is and how to become one
  • Explaining common struggles LGBT students face

EMS Incident Command System NEW

  • Fire/EMS sites only
  • Exploring the components of the incident management system
  • Identifying the responsibilities and functions of various staff positions
  • Recognizing the importance of establishing a medical branch/group at a mass casualty event
  • Describing strike team, task force, and unit

Fire Service: Health and Safety NEW

  • Fire/EMS sites only
  • Science and economics of health and safety in the fire service
  • Understanding of the unique nature of firefighting
  • Impact of physical disease and behavioral disorders
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