The Check is in the Mail


Your Safety Budget is About to Get Bigger

Over the last several years, the Safety and Loss Prevention Grants has allocated millions of dollars to members’ safety committees to promote purchases that can help improve safety and reduce losses. This has proven to be our most popular program.

We just added more than $700,000 to districts’ accounts for 2017. Be sure to check your mailboxes regularly! We have mailed your oversized novelty checks, and we hope it will incentivize your safety committee to think big about safety, but you can start using this money right away.

From hydraulic gate valves, security equipment, and SCBA face masks, to first responder and group CPR trainings, we will reimburse your district up to 50% for purchases that promote and ensure safety. Take a look at these examples of purchases some members have made:

  • Confined Space ventilators
  • Field communications gear
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Eye wash stations
  • Sewer video equipment
  • First aid supplies
  • Work-safe boots and PPE

These funds go even further when you combine them with the discounts offered exclusively to Pool members at vendors such as Conney Safety, Red Wing Shoes, or AED Professionals. Remember, these funds expire after 5 years if they are not used, so get spending! If you have any questions or to obtain pre-approval for a purchase email us here.

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