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2018 Property and Liability Renewal Details

This year the Pool is able to offer rates changes between a 2% decrease and 3% increase, based on the claim performance of each entity type.

Property rates for scheduled buildings located within the Front Range and East Slope Foothills will have a 5% hail surcharge, which can be offset by the Hail Deductible and Cosmetic Damage Waiver endorsements. Each applies a 10% credit to building contributions, and one or both may be used.

The minimum rate for functions of architectural control, design review, and covenant enforcement is $260 for 130 homes or less, with a $1 charge for the next 1,000 homes, and then $0.25 for each additional home.

Changes in contributions may also occur due to:

  • New or updated exposures such as operating expenses, values of scheduled items, added property, number of vehicles, number of employees, or payroll changes
  • Change in individual member loss experience over an eight-year rating period
  • Building values and contents values trended for inflation−expected to be less than 1%

The Pool offers many discounts, so plan ahead when gathering information for your district’s renewal:

  • 8% Multi-Program discount on the Property & Liability contribution when Workers’ Compensation is also placed with the Pool
  • 33% discount on sanitation operations for participation in the Sanitation Maintenance Warranty Program
  • 3% Continuity Credit for districts that have been with the Pool since 2010. Credits are increased annually, up to 20% for districts with good claims experience
  • Voluntarily increasing deductibles can frequently lead to savings between 10% and 25%
  • 10% discount for voluntary increase of the hail deductible for buildings in the Front Range and East Slope Foothills
  • 10% discount on scheduled buildings for members that agree to the Cosmetic Hail Damage Waiver

2018 P&L Renewal Timeline

  • October 31 – All districts’ online renewal updates should be completed
  • December 1 – Districts that did not provide updated renewal information online will receive invoices with a 10% increase to account for growth and inflation

You can review more information about renewal by entity type by visiting our website.

If you need assistance with Workers’ Compensation renewal or would like a quote for coverage, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for renewing your coverage with the CSD Pool. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the contacts below!

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