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CSD Pool Receives Top Financial Rating

The Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool is proud to announce that it has earned a Financial Stability Rating® of AAA or “Unsurpassed” from Demotech, Inc., their highest possible rating for a pool or public entity. This means that the Pool’s financials provide a sufficient margin to absorb variance between its anticipated and worst-case scenario of operating results.

For decades, the CSD Pool has been dedicated to financial stability. We are proud that this strength can now be demonstrated by an outside agency.


Weighing the financials of a traditional insurance company to that of a pool can be difficult. Pools are typically smaller, highly specialized, and focused on positive outcomes for members. Traditional insurance companies, while also customer-focused, are ultimately driven by profit and serve shareholders. Pools serve their shareholders as well, but in their case, their shareholders are their members.

In the past, the CSD Pool has opted not to seek financial ratings because the evaluations conducted by agencies like A. M. Best and Moody’s Analytics are quite costly. Their evaluations can cost annual fees into the six figures, and the Pool’s Board and administration has always felt that money in those amounts was better spent on member services and stabilizing rates.

About Demotech

Prior to the 1990s, smaller insurance companies and pools were simply not rated or ratable by the large nationally-recognized statistical ratings organizations (NRSROs). In 1989 a company called Demotech developed a financial stability analysis model that could establish a system for smaller entities. Demotech does this at a fraction of the cost of other NRSROs and was recently nominated for Ratings Agency of the Year.1

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