Are You the Guinea Pig We’re Looking for?

Pool members just like you have been hit by cyber crime in the last year. Hiding from the problem simply isn’t enough anymore.

We are always innovating, and we have several new programs we are excited to roll out to you. But first, we need districts that would like to volunteer to try these services out and share their experiences to help us learn about and develop these programs.

If you have an interest in any of the below programs, let us know at

This is your plan to communicate with your employees during a crisis.

SmartNotice Mass Notification System is a critical tool for any district with employees. This system allows you to push notifications to your employees via email, phone call, or text message. These messages can come at will, on a schedule, or as the result of a weather-related crisis such as tornadoes or severe thunderstorms.

We plan to use this system to let members opt into messaging that would notify you of how to proceed in the event of an emergency in your area, such as a flood or wildfire, and we will extend this program at no charge.

This system is widely utilized by companies large and small, including NASA, Southwest Airlines, and the Associated Press.

Scared of ransomware and email fraud? This is your new best friend.

SecureTheHuman Phishing Training is a program created by the SANS Institute offered in conjunction with the Center for Internet Security. This program will provide your team training and awareness of phishing threats.

This tool would test your team routinely and randomly to identify susceptible users, track their behavior, and demonstrate the impact of training and internal policies. This information would be vital in protecting your organization, your constituents, and your employees from cyber crime. We are offering this program at no charge.

Curious how your district’s systems would respond to a cyber intrusion? Don’t wonder anymore.

Cyber Assessments are the best way to determine whether your district is prepared to handle a major data breach incident. These tools can help determine vulnerabilities in your systems, places where your existing IT infrastructure may not be compliant with current recommended guidelines, and recommend administrative and policy changes to improve your security.

We have two partners in this endeavor. The first is NetDiligence, provider of eRisk Hub®. NetDiligence is well-regarded in the realm of cyber security and they will walk you through the assessment process, help you collect the information you need, and deliver a customized report to you. Their assessment can be scaled to any district size and their thorough reports help show you where to go. The cost of these assessments depends on the size and complexity of your district, but note that the Pool will pay for up to 6 per year for interested members.

We also partner with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), which can provide a cyber self-assessment to members at no cost. A division of the Department of Homeland Security, their benchmarks are considered the global standard in security. These assessments would enable members to test their own systems, identify their own weaknesses, and determine changes to their IT settings, software catalogs, and administration and policies to help achieve compliance with CIS’ benchmarks.

Are you ready to move on from paper-based tracking of incidents and safety information?

SOSPES is a risk management tool that helps you manage incident reporting, investigations, audits or inspections. You can use it to report near misses and observations through an easy to use app on your iOS or Android device. Unlike paper records, anyone can pull out a phone and record data where it is instantly sent to the people that need the information. A couple of districts are already been using SOSPES and are enjoying its sophistication.

Our training partner TargetSolutions is rolling out a pair of systems that will simplify Incident and SDS tracking. This system does come at some cost. The Pool is subsidizing this service for the first few members for a brief time.

TargetSolutions Accident Tracking brings incident tracking to a system you are already familiar with. This allows you to track incidents, generate forms, and see your district’s incident data at a glance, much like SOSPES. Additionally, this system is much more economically priced, and the Pool will subsidize the first few districts that would like to test it out.

Lastly, TargetSolutions is developing a new Safety Data Sheet (formerly MSDS) system that would allow you to catalog your chemical storage and hazardous communications information. Both this and the Accident Tracking system could eventually be united with the TargetSolutions training platform, making this an excellent risk management suite for your district.

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