Meet TRISTAR WC Claims Examiner Lisa Habegger


Lisa Habegger, WC Claims Examiner

Lisa Habegger now serves as a Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner for the CSD Pool at TRISTAR Risk Management. For the past 23 years she has adjusted claims across multiple states, with special focus in Colorado. She started her career with Farmers Insurance Exchange and has handled claims in Colorado, Utah, Iowa, and Nebraska. Her responsibilities include handling complex medical-only claims, indemnity claims and future medical claims.

As part of a daily routine, Ms. Habegger processes payments, sets reserves within designated authority levels, manages return to work activities, and prepares necessary paperwork in accordance to state rules and regulations and has extensive claim analysis experience. She investigates claims to determine compensability, authorizes changes in medical providers, medical management, rehabilitative services, vocational training, and prepares DIME packets and schedules IME’s. She has extensive experience providing temporary disability payments; monitoring cases for continuation of benefits and terminating benefits when appropriate. She conducts negotiations for settlement of claims with claimants and attorneys, and interacts with Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation (CO DOWC) representatives. She manages disputed claims, indemnity files, and litigated claim files with settlement emphasis, subrogation, and complex medical issues.

Ms. Habegger attended Metropolitan State College of Denver with a major in Finance and Insurance. She has completed numerous insurance courses throughout her career and participates in continuing education programs.

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