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The Foundations of Ergonomics

Do you ever get a sore neck just sitting at your desk during the work day? Does your wrist ever become sore while typing? If this is you, there is a lot you can do to address the causes of some of your pain with the help of ergonomics.

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Ergonomics: Fixing Hidden Workplace Hazards

Most people associate the concept of ergonomics with office workers. But the basic concept is every bit as applicable to production lines, construction sites, vehicles, and anywhere else. After all, the science of ergonomics doesn’t only focus on office environments. By reducing that strain and the injuries that can result from it, ergonomics can lower the likelihood of lost time and long-term disability.

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Ten Often-Ignored Office Hazards

Thousands of office workers suffer injuries or work-related health problems that lead to lost time every year. While the potential for injury may not be as dramatic as on a factory or a construction site, it can be every bit as costly to employers. And the safety-related strategies that have been proven to be successful in industrial settings are just as applicable when it comes to preventing lost-time issues in the office.

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